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How to care for leather? Steps of leather care. The best ways to take care of leather products. How to care for leather products to make them last long?

Pure leather requires going through a series of processes for the material to be finally available for use. Leather is known for its sturdy and durable quality along with a trendy and stylish look and efforts put into the production of the material of high quality. This makes genuine leather products rightly expensive and hence, raises the need of leather care.

Leather care - 3 ways to make your leather product last long

Disclaimer –

These techniques are compiled for real leather only and might now work on faux. Read our blog on how to identify faux vs real leather. 

Such luxurious leather products come with the responsibility of their care. Caring for leather products is not as difficult as it seems but it is important nonetheless. Here are 3 steps to care of your leather accessories so that they stay good as new.


  • When not flaunting your leather accessories, make sure to keep them in a cool dry place.
  • Exposure to sunlight for longer period of time changes the color of the leather, and the heat can dry and crack it up.
  • High humidity makes the leather absorb moisture from the atmosphere that can further cause rotting of the leather.
  • Be careful with sharp or edgy items around your leather accessory.


Look out for the liquids

Genuine leather is an extremely absorbent material and hence any liquid, from water to ink to edibles, can and will ruin your precious leather. In case of contact with such liquids, pat the leather dry with microfiber cloth or tissues. It isn’t suggested to wipe and rub as it may cause the liquid to seep in more into the leather. It is also important to let the leather air dry rather than blow-drying the material.  

Cleaning Products

Cleaning is a major part of leather care. There are special cleaning products available in the market for the sole purpose of cleaning leather articles. These leather cleaners and conditioners come in different types. All of them are suitable for cleaning a specific kind of leather. Leather cleaning products thoroughly clean the leather and help in preserving the leather. We recommend you to make sure that the product matches to your leather type and does not contain alcohol content.

Take efficient care of leather accessories so that they are free from dirt and grime and always ready for you to flaunt it out.

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