About Us


What happens when a software geek with a knack for entrepreneurship marries a passionate leather and accessory designer?

Well, let’s just say – a leather brand is born. 21 Degree is the brainchild of Karan Batra and Ankita Duseja Batra – with his aspirations of venturing into business and her passion for product design, it wasn’t a big surprise to most people who know them.

About Us

After spending a decade in the software industry, Karan took the road less traveled – all he had was his experience in various technologies, his communication skills and a deep passion towards sales. A self-taught marketer, he emphasizes that everyone, at 21 Degree, should spend at least an hour daily learning something new and leads by example. His experience of mentoring large team(s) during his IT stint helps him manage his millennial workforce really well.

When you talk about product creativity & leather design, Ankita speaks a different language – with her rich experience of working in the leather and retail industry for prominent brands like Mango, Zara, FirstCry, etc., this right-brained individual comes with a valuable experience.

About 21 Degree

Leather has huge market potential – that is a well-known fact. However, major brands that are creating leather accessories/ products focus on either of the two things:

  • Exporting the products since it has better margins or
  • Pricing the products in a really premium range

For 21 Degree, the direction is clear. We ensure good product quality across all leather products, make them available to our audience at affordable prices and make sure to prioritize excellent customer service.

With that in mind, the brand is working towards achieving its niche and the same reflects in their customer reviews online.

21 Degree was launched in October 2017. With a laser focus on excellent customer service, the aim of the brand was to create premium leather accessories. With her aspiration of ensuring great product quality and his passion towards marketing and sales, the duo and their young but passionate team ensure that the customer’s purchase experience is memorable. 21 Degree has its headquarters located in Pune, India but the majority of production/sourcing works in Kanpur, Noida, Delhi, etc.

With product quality as their essence and excellent customer service as a basic ingredient, 21 Degree aims to set its foot strongly in the leather niche – later, the brand aims to enter the personalization business and expand to other arenas where they can use their skills to help aid customer satisfaction.

At 21 Degree, we feel that the customer should be glad they lived the experience we offered them – then, we wouldn’t have to follow them, they’ll follow us. “Treat people the way you would like to be treated” – although a very simple statement, but in itself represents a great responsibility which the brand bears as a seller.

21 Degree is a bootstrapped company. We believe that the idea of setting up a business should be a blend of traditional and modern – traditional in its ethics i.e. building the business on profits and modern in its approach of reaching out to its customer base.


Our team - 21 Degree


The team behind 21 Degree is a dynamic group of individuals who, regardless of their age or role within the company, learn, work and grow together with the company in their respective careers.

The team in Pune currently consists of 6 members. They collaborate together and actively contribute within their own areas of knowledge for the smooth functioning of the events, campaigns and services offered by the brand.