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7 reasons to buy from 21 Degree

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What makes us the best brand to buy your leather accessries from? Why is 21 Degree the perfect place to call “Your Leather Destination” We all love reasons! Don’t we? We seek answers to justify everything. You must also have questions like – why buy from 21 Degree? What makes 21 Degree different from any other leather brand? […]


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Why are people buying cardholders? Why are people suddenly so much attracted to card holders? Are card holders the future of pocket accessories? Are traditional wallets getting extinct? The rise of cardholders. People moved from CRTs to LCDs, then to LEDs. Similarly, those huge monitors have already been replaced by laptops and mobile phones are […]

Leather overload – The different grades of leather

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Leather has a versatile use in making articles ranging from footwear and clothing to fashion accessories and furniture. The major reason for the extensive popularity of leather products is their impressive durability and contemporary look, compared to any other material. When planning to buy leather products, the knowledge of different grades of leather is useful […]

Real leather vs. Faux leather: know the difference.

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Leather articles have always had a widespread popularity due to their toughness and ability to withstand any weather, be it the rains or cold. Unlike other materials that wear out comparatively faster, leather is durable.  Leather articles definitely stand out from all other fibers and the reason is obviously due to their rich, elegant, natural […]

Evolution of wallets

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Wallets have become an inseparable part of “top 5 things to need before stepping out” checklist, regardless of gender or social status but it wasn’t the case always. Through time, pocket accessories and wallets have come far from what they used to be. Here is our attempt at understanding the history & evolution of wallets. […]