7 reasons to buy from 21 Degree

21degree best leather products

What makes us the best brand to buy your leather accessries from? Why is 21 Degree the perfect place to call “Your Leather Destination”

We all love reasons! Don’t we? We seek answers to justify everything. You must also have questions like – why buy from 21 Degree? What makes 21 Degree different from any other leather brand? Why should one buy leather products from 21 Degree?


  1. Genuine leather-

21 Degree sells genuine leather products. Period.

All our products i.e. beltswalletscardholderscharger holders, etc. are made of genuine leather. The quality of leather is highly taken care of. It makes the product look classy as well as last longer than other materials.

  1. Variety-

The range of leather products offered by us is wide and unique. We have a great emphasis on our card holder collection and we believe them to be the future of pocket accessories. We have cardholders with all types of utility and practical needs.

However, cardholders are not the only speciality of our range. We have other attractions as well, like our premium leather passport covertab/iPad case, or the multi-utility case.

These products stand out when compared to the ones available in the market.

  1. Customer Service-
Tenor customer service meme

Every business, every brand needs that trust to succeed. Trust – cautiously built but easily broken. To build that trust, a brand needs transparency and good customer service.

And that is a promise you get with us – excellent customer service is a pillar at 21 Degree.

  1. Return policy-

We, at 21 Degree, help you at all points of the customer journey and treat you as you are supposed to. We have a transparent return policy in which you get all the money back (except shipping charges) if you do not like a product in 15 days of receiving it.

  1. Packaging-

The right packaging makes the product look grandeur to the eyes. It becomes vital if you are gifting someone. We pack the leather products in an elegant package and give it the protection it needs while it is on its way to you.

Real laether products with brilliant packaging
  1. All-inclusive pricing-

When you shop at our website, you get complete transparency as, what you see is what you pay. An all-inclusive pricing makes it convenient for the customers and makes billing transparent.

However, when you order cash-on-delivery, we levy a small additional charge to help our delivery partners deliver great service to you.

  1. Design-

Last but not the least, design is the biggest part of 21 Degree’s identity. We are working with a mission of bring modernism to the pockets of Indian households. Minimalism is the key to all our designs.

Our products provide utility with elegance. Thus, making it perfect for all types of customers.

Genuine leather products with great design

Well, we hope that 7 reasons should be enough to convince you to buy from 21 Degree – or do you have your own reasons to buy from us? Share them with us in the comments.

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